The Best Hennessy References in Hip Hop

top 10 hennessy references in hip hop
Hennessy has become a staple in hip hop music over the years. Artists can be seen drinking it all the time, referencing it in their songs, and now Nas is sponsored by the brand. With all these references over the years, we thought it would be cool to throw together a list of some of the best songs that reference one of the greatest drinks ever as a tribute to the drink’s legacy. So go get some Hennessy, listen to these tracks, and have a great time. Without further ado, I present to you the Best Hennessy References in Hip-Hop.



Honorable Mentions:


14. One More Chance – The Notorious B.I.G.


  • Reference: “I’ll fuck around and leave you with the Hennessy dick”
  • I think Rap Genius explained this best…. I’ll leave it at that.


13. Saturday (Oooh Oooh!) – Ludacris


  • Reference: “Grease don’t pop on the stove no more, moved on up, double shot Hennessy filled my cup”
  • Luda just drops a quick nod to Hennessy on his 2001 party anthem. What better way to celebrate then with a double shot of Henny though?


12. Life Goes On – 2pac


  • Reference: “And all I got left is stinkin memories, I love them niggas to death, I’m drinking Hennessy”
  • This probably deserves to be higher, along with 2pac’s many other references to Hennessy, but I decided to only put one Pac track in the top 10 to keep it fair. Still though, “Life Goes On” is one of the greatest hip hop songs ever, it gives me goosebumps to this day.


The List



11. Lust Demons – Ab-Soul Featuring Jay Rock


  • Reference: “She feeling my energy, I feel on her thighs, she fill up the Hennessy”
  • Jay Rock murders every feature that he has with Black Hippy, and this is no exception. One of the standout tracks from Ab-Soul’s Control System, “Lust Demons” has a sick beat by TaeBeast and some background vocals from BJ The Chicago Kid. I still spin this track pretty regularly, the beat is crazy and Ab-Soul and Jay Rock lay down nice verses.


10. Mama Knows – Game


  • Reference: “Hennessy pouring like Niagra Falls, used to watch Magic he taught me how to ball”
  • I feel like Game and 2pac are the rappers that reference Henny the most. Out of Game’s many references, this is probably my favorite and from one of his best songs. To pour that much Hennessy, he has to be balling out for sure. On top of the great reference, the beat by Pharrell is classic, driven by great piano and bass lines with a catchy, almost chilling chorus sung by Nelly Furtado.


9. Neverland – J. Cole


  • Reference: “Double shots, Hennessy, bring out bad tendencies, tryna cut something, need a volunteer, Tennessee”
  • Cole raps about the typical topic of Henny and loosening up the chicks intertwined with a college sports reference. Cole is spitting like he’s got something to prove on the rest of this song too, something that I wish we could have heard more of on Born Sinner. If you haven’t heard this track, give it a spin and hear the dopeness of mixtape J. Cole.


8. Central Bookings – Action Bronson Featuring Meyhem Lauren


  • Reference: “Sex, money, and yay, sip the Hennessy for energy, we giants, dropping science, if you’re smart pick up the chemistry”
  • Meyhem Lauren is a dope rapper from Queens, and if you’re sleeping on him, please listen to this tape. Like we’ve seen before, Hennessy, sex, and partying go hand in hand. Meyhem just put a dope ass twist on the typical Hennessy reference. Also, this song is classic Bronsolino so it had to be included.


7. Tie: 1 Train – A$AP Rocky Featuring Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Yelawolf, Action Bronson, & Big K.R.I.T. and Alligator – Action Bronson



  • Reference in 1 Train, from Action Bronson’s verse: “Drinking Henny like I’m Kenny Lofton”
  • Reference from Alligator: “Game 7, Knicks-Heat, Me and Spike had to switch seats, cause he kept spilling Henny all on me bitch feet”
  • Bronsolino likes to reference Hennessy in his flavor-roasted raps, and has been dropping nods to Hen left and right recently. I don’t know where Bronson got the knowledge that Kenny Lofton really drinks a lot of Hennessy, but I could see it being true. The reference from Alligator had me cracking up the first time that I heard it. The imagery that Bronson uses is impeccable.


6. KC Tea – Tech N9ne


  • Reference: Basically the whole song. The chorus is: “Hennessy, twist of the lemon with the Hennessy, make your night go right with the KC Tea”. And Tech N9ne references Henny in each of his verses from “Hennessy, Sprite, and lemon baby I mash, drunk as a skunk but the second one I’m on your fine ass” to “A lot of men never sinned on the Hen, where you been boy where you been?”
  • This whole song is a tribute to the greatness of Henny and how drinking it can help your night go right, if not at least with the ladies then you’ll get drunk and have a damn good time. Tech popularized KC Tea with this track, which is basically just Hennessy and Sprite with some lemon. He even tells Ludacris and E-40 that they can make it with Conjure or Landy respectively, but that Hennessy is the only authentic way to make the drink.This is definitely a track to party to. And, like Tech says, if you haven’t sinned on the Hen, then you are missing out boy.


5. Hennessy and XTC – B.G. Featuring Big Tymers


  • Reference: Basically the whole song. The chorus is: “I’ve been popping ecstacy, drinking Hennessy, is a naked chick next to me?” Mannie Fresh says “Give me a Hennessy, and one of them pills, and point me to the strippers buck naked in high heels.”
  • Aw man some old school Cash Money shit from B.G., Mannie Fresh, and Birdman AKA Baby, there’s nothing like it. This track is off B.G.’s 2000 album Checkmate which doesn’t quite live up to Chopper City in the Ghetto. Once again we’ve got some talk about Henny in combination with other substances and how it gets the chicks to open up. What much is better then a Mannie Fresh sung chorus too? Man oh mannnn..


4. Survival of the Fittest – Mobb Deep


  • Reference: “Lord forgive me the Hennessy got me not knowing how to act, I’m falling and I can’t turn back”
  • Prodigy adds a dark twist to his Hennessy reference in one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite albums of all time. Whereas most of the references on this list deal with partying and celebrating with Hennessy, P speaks on how the Hennessy helped him deal with the pressures of living in the ghetto.


3. Pass Me Da Green – Master P


  • Reference: “Pass me da green I need some weed with my Hennessy”
  • First of all, what a great song from a great album; Ghetto D. Most of the verses are about smoking herb rather than drinking Hennessy, but lets be honest, the Hennessy and weed combination is classic and is always referenced in hip hop. The way the chorus hits you repeatedly, the Friday soundclips, and just the greatness of No Limit back in the late 90s make this track classic.


2. The Joy – Kanye West & Jay Z


  • Reference: “This beat deserves Hennessy, a bad bitch, and a bag of weed; the holy trinity”
  • “The Joy” was part of Kanye’s Good Friday series and a bonus track for Watch The Throne. This also happens to be one of my favorite songs of the past three or four years. With a blasphemous line, Kanye expertly explains that Henny, a bad bitch, and weed is his Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. This line is so great that when I first heard it I rewinded the track back and laughed at how perfect it was. When this song dropped everyone was tweeting this line too. The beat is classic, produced by Ye, Pete Rock, and Mike Dean, it has an awesome throwback vibe with a thumping bass. It really does deserve some Henny.


1. Hennessy – 2pac Featuring Obie Trice


  • Reference:  The chorus is: “They wanna know who’s my role model, its in a brown bottle, Hennessy!” Pac raps in the first verse: “Hey remember me? Down that Hennessy, the nigga you don’t wanna see”.
  • So there’s a couple different versions of this song, and you may be thinking: “why the posthumous version?” Well, I just like this one a little better. Not to say the original version with Big Syke isn’t great, it’s just a personal preference. 2pac clearly deserves the top spot because throughout his career he has so many references to Henny and he influenced so many other rappers to pick up Hennessy. This version is off his posthumous album Loyal To The Game and is actually produced by Eminem, who cooks up a nice beat. Next time you get some Hennessy bump this and pour out a little for Pac, the best rapper to consistently namedrop Hennessy, and one of the greatest rappers ever.



Hating or loving this list? Did we miss a track? Post your comments or trolls below.


Words by Patrick Robinson (@_PROB)

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